“My Heart’s in the Highlands” book

Our neighbourhood’s history book

It has taken three years of work from inception or conception you could say, to the launch of this book. As the Chair of the Book Committee for our historical society it was my job to be the liaison between the Board members, the membership, the designer, the writer and the editor.

It’s a good thing they were all wonderful people to work with.

On Sunday afternoon we launched this book at the kick off event for our neighbourhood’s 100th birthday. The book was our official Centennial project and it has been a resounding success. What was even more special was that we launched the book in the home of one of the two founders of the Highlands! His house was built exactly 100 years ago as well. Can you imagine what he would say?

A couple more milestones this spring: The Highlands was chosen as one of 12 best Old House neighbourhoods in Canada and one of 61 in North America by This Old House Magazine. We were thrilled by that.

More recently I was given an award by the Edmonton and District Historical Society for my “significant and ongoing contribution to our society and to the promotion and preservation of the history of Edmonton and surrounding district”.  My husband and I attended an official dinner where I was presented with the award. I was pleased to get the award mostly because it showed that I am a member of a community of kindred spirits that love history and old houses – and if you are reading this there’s a good chance that you are too.