Revamping a Front Yard

Front of 1912 House

Well as far as I can see my husband and I have one more major project for our house. Since we moved in five summers ago we have landscaped the back yard from scratch, built a gazebo and new double garage, turned an empty concrete basement into a media room with laundry facilities and new bathroom, and finally redid the 1912 kitchen as well as built a new addition and wrap around deck. So now we get to tackle the front yard. As you can tell by the picture at left, there used to be an open porch. It was enclosed in 1927 by the people who lived in this home for 80 years. I appreciate the larger living room that resulted from this and enjoy the enclosed porch that is so comfortable to use especially at this time of year. However the door opens outward and visitors have to step down two stairs in order to get into the porch. Changing the swing of the door is not an option. The stairs are rotting and the small concrete walk leading up to the front steps is seriously cracked and crumbling. We have to remove a large Mountain Ash tree that has fire blight and is at the end of its life span according to an arborist we consulted with. It breaks my heart to have to remove it. In addition we have to remove a lot of Bishop’s Weed that has overtaken a good chunk of the yard. The previous owners planted it because it was low maintenance – I don’t know if they realized how horrible it is to control it when it really takes hold. We plan on building a new landing, new sidewalks, a short fence for the front…. and new trees and bushes. I can’t wait!