Memories of Sales Past

This upcoming sale has made me think of some of the more unusual venues where I have held sales before.

Places like:  a house about to be bulldozed. You can understand that time is of the essence in a sale like that! The 16th floor of an apartment building.  The challenge was doing this inconspicuously and getting the buyers through security. No problems thank goodness.                             A storage container : Have you watched storage wars? Well I turned one of these containers into a mini store – all organized and displayed, ready to buy. The challenge was because this was an interior storage container and we had to sneak people into the building to attend the sale. This was a case of  having to ask for forgiveness rather than permission as the storage company wasn’t thrilled with our doing this! Garages, of course: The biggest challenge here has always been to make the space look presentable. Most people’s garages are…. well… let’s say they lack visual appeal. Back Yards: The biggest challenge for any outdoor sale is always the weather. And interestingly enough occasionally the biggest challenge is having a sale in a beautiful home where not everything is for sale. But it’s all part of the fun – even if there’s a lot of work involved! Each sale is like a treasure hunt which is why I enjoy doing them so much and why my list of buyers follow me at each one.