t's a good idea to know a few things before buying antiques at auction !

Antique Books

Books Books and more Books!

At the end of April I am hosting a private antique sale here in our city. The client is a grand niece of the owner who passed away recently at the age of 104 years of age! He was what is being called today a “hoarder”. He never threw anything out (trust me) although it’s nowhere as bad as what you see on television. He was, however, the best kind of hoarder because he collected books. We are not talking about garage sale books but true collectible books. He had a good number of books on a variety of topics that are pre-1900. He was such a serious collector that years before he passed away he donated a large collection of books on native Indians and the Western frontier to the University library. This collection is housed in a separate room that is graced with his name. I love books of all kinds and it is such a treat to read, hold, touch and smell these wonderful old books. I especially like reading their contemporary views and accounts of events at the time that they were written. There are politically incorrect (today) views on assimilation of native Indians and immigrants, books on socialism and war, art, music, books on Ukraine and Russia, and so much more. There are photographs and prints, CPR railway collectibles and some nice pieces of furniture.  I love doing these sales because they reconnect me with what I enjoyed the most when I owned my antique shop.