How do I sell my Set of China?

Blue Mikado

Blue Mikado by Royal Crown Derby

Blue Mikado by Royal Crown Derby

Many people contact me by email asking for advice on how to go about selling the sets of china that they own. Often the people have inherited the dishes and have no use for them. I recently received an email from a reader telling me they had two barrels full of china and silverware to sell. Once I had determined that the dishes was not extremely rare or of high value I gave then the following advice which anyone can follow when they are ready to sell their own: Things are always only worth what people are prepared to spend but here are some tips:
1. Take all your china out of the barrels. Put like things together. For example put sets of dishes in a separate grouping by themselves and show serving pieces clearly.
2. Take photographs of the groupings. If your camera allows, take photos of the marks on the back.

3. If not, write down or draw the marks or info that is on the back of the dishes. Note down any chips or cracks or stains – no matter how small.

4. Put the china back into the boxes (list on each box or barrel what’s in side)

5. Then shop the photos to dealers to gauge interest. That way you don’t have to drag the items around to see if there’s any interest. It’s a lot easier on your back!

6. Once a dealer is interested then you simply go to where you know the dishes are, pack them in a box and bring the dishes to the dealer so they can have a look. Dealers usually have a pretty good idea if they are interested as soon as they see your pictures. If you are up front about any damage or wear and they are still interested enough to have a look chances are you will have made a sale.

Any other tips to share with sellers of china?