A Kitten’s Tale


Our fur baby,Taffy

I don’t know why I open the promotional material from the SPCA. I know two things as soon as I open their letters:   -They are looking for a donation-That I will send money to them because I am always moved to tears by their stories of badly treated animals.

  • This story was about a 3 month old puppy that was thrown in the trash in the middle of winter. I read this and of course shed a few tears of frustration at the cruelty of human beings. I was also reminded of our own story.

It was also winter about two years ago when my husband took Taffy for a walk. They had barely opened the back gate to the alley when Taffy stopped in mid stride then made a bee line for a box that had been placed by our garbage. My husband knew right away that we had not placed this box there and came into the house to get me. Together we carefully peeled the folded top of the box and looked inside.

Inside there were four little black kittens! Some idiot (actually I really mean asshole) had been too cowardly to leave them behind their own house so decided to put them in someone else’s garbage.

We brought the very quiet, shivering, little kittens into the house. We figured they were about three months old.  They hid underneath our claw foot tub because it was warm under there. I gave them milk which they gobbled up – They were starving. I don’t think they had been outside that long because there was no frostbite on their little ears that I could see.

Taffy, our Welsh Terrier

Taffy, our Welsh Terrier

It was out of the question to keep them with us because my husband is extremely allergic to cat hair (which is why we have a non-shedding dog). My good hearted friend and cat lover came to the rescue. She took them home and today two of the kittens are still with her – I found a home for the third, and my friend found a home for the fourth kitten.

I was shocked to find out that black kittens are the most numerous at shelters because no one wants black cats – and we call ourselves a progressive society.

Thank heavens Taffy found them.