The Star of Christmas Decorating

Crawford House at Christmas

Crawford House at Christmas

It is my personal opinion that the dining room is the star of Christmas decor. Yes I know that the living room can have a wonderful fireplace and the Christmas tree but let’s face it – Christmas is the time when family and friends get together to EAT, drink and be merry. Those of us who have dining room are especially thankful because, although an open concept is nice for everyday meals and casual get togethers, nothing says “special” like a dining room.

So it’s time to polish that silver tea service and pull the crystal out of the sideboard. It’s time to open the silver chest and it’s time to take out your best linens and china. I have to admit that I have always loved any antiques that have to do with entertaining. I have five sets of dishes which I like to mix and match to keep the look from being too rigid. Some of these are from my grandmother, another set from my mother, and the others are from when I owned my antique store.

Christmas table settings

The setting at the left shows just how spectacular such a setting can be. The owner of this home is a serious collector of the most elegant antiques. He loves excess in such a way that the Victorians would have totally approved of. His collection of silver candelabra, and exquisite china and crystal are perfect for Christmas decorating. Talk about a statement!