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In a previous post I was lamenting the changes made to This Old House Magazine. Now I’m sure they are doing what they have to do to maintain readership but I’m disappointed that what was previously a good magazine for old house owners has dissolved into a “one size fits all” format. Apparently this Old House is not the only magazine doing this: Here are a couple of emails I received:

Dear Johanne: I can’t speak about “This Old House” magazine since I’ve only ever seen a few old issues, but I am experiencing the same feeling with “Victorian Homes” magazine. I am so disapointed! Issues are now being devoted to “victorian lite” decor, how to “add a little victorian” to your home and other such nonsense. I am interested in the real thing, in seeing photos of restored homes, and how to’s on repairing the problems that 100+ year old homes are prone too, not in seeing how (in a recent issue) someone painted the (previously restored) interior of their Victorian WHITE so they can “express their individuality” or something. (this particular home wound up looking like a college apartment to me–no cohesive decor I could pick out…) Vivian F.

and another one from Patrick L.: “I know what you mean about this magazine, I’ve noticed the same evolution over the years. Still an occasional interesting article, I love the Save This House feature at the end and came close to buying one once. I’d like to recommend as an alternative ‘Old House Magazine’ published by the National Trust for Historic Preservation’. Of course it addresses threatened historic properties only in the US however there are some relevant and interesting articles, links and services in the magazine that have been helpful to me. They have some special issues, I think about quarterly, dealing with old house kitchens or exteriors. There is a useful website as well. But isn’t there a good Canadian heritage magazine being published right now?

Funny you should ask Patrick. Edifice Magazine (picture above) is based in Eastern Canada. A few years back I wrote some articles for them. Recently they have gone from a paper-based magazine to an online one. They have expanded into more video and television production which is good news for old house preservationists. This week they contacted me to let me know about their weekly old house restoration episodes and, after watching it myself, I knew I had to share it with you.

This second episode ( I didn’t see the first episode) features an interview with a man who, with his wife, painstakingly restored a 1905 house. It’s worth watching – It helps to have a really fast computer however so that the downloading of the video happens quickly as it is playing. I’m looking forward to Episode 3!

Here is the link: It’s called “House Calls TV” Link: http://www.housecallstv.com/