Our Renos are almost done!!

Our new decks

Our new decks

Another view of the connection

Another view of the connection

I”m waiting for everything to be completed before I post indoor pictures of our new kitchen and hopefully that means this weekend. The last bit to do is the back splash in subway tile – by now a cliche but still very suitable for a 1912 house. One thing I am very glad we did was to build the outside deck even though it wasn’t in the budget. It made it possible to have our meals outside and gave the trades people someplace to put their saws while they worked on the house. It also made the difference between putting cedar clapboard siding with a 6 foot ladder instead of a 10 foot ladder! The deck is only partially completed at left but it does show how I tied in the upper (new) level of the deck to the ground level deck. I had agonized over how to do this but I persevered and was really pleased when it all came together. The small building you see at the back is a gazebo turned into a shed. We used some of our old cupboards and created a potting / storage area. The wood for the conversion of the exterior of the gazebo came from the old deck (which was only four years old). We were able to recycle about 95% of it! We recycled the old stairs as well as you can see in the second photo on the left. The creation of that landing (which has not been painted yet in the picture) is how we connected the two sections of the deck. In the far right we have a screened room (the temporary kind) and it gives us lots of options for dining. If the bugs are few then we eat on the upper level. If there are lots of mosquitoes or wasps then we can eat in this room. The tradespeople sure took advantage of this space to take their breaks!

It’s a great place to have a party too! We have a sound system set up that you can hear when we open the windows to the garage which is situated right next to it.

The deck was quite the job to paint as it consists of three colours: Brown, white and sage green. The green ties in perfectly to the colour of the clapboard siding. The white spindles are not too fussy because they are framed with this green colour. The white ties in with all the mill work. The brown connects the colour of the roof, the fence and the shingles on the house.
Gazebo turned into a storage shed

Gazebo turned into a storage shed

I will show pictures of the final project once I get them off my camera! Here’s a closer picture of the gazebo – shed. (No just the photographer was crooked – not the shed!). Note the short 3 foot fence at left. This is how we re used the spindles on the old stairs. Because they had been cut at an angle they were too short to reuse on the upper deck. My brother and I built the fence on two sides only of a planting bed as you can see. It really brought focus to the plants – much more than before.

So now you know what we’ve been doing all summer!

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