A Historic Home – the Magrath Mansion

A Parlour Ceiling in the Magrath Mansion

A Parlour Ceiling in the Magrath Mansion

 William J. Magrath was well known in Edmonton. He was senior partner in the real estate firm of Magrath-Holgate & Co. Ltd., brought industry to Edmonton, owned a baseball franchise, and had political aspirations. Born in Ontario in 1870, Magrath married there in 1894, but like many, he was drawn to the West. He eventually made his fortune and built this magnificent home that has been lovingly restored by its current owners. The owners are very generous and they love to share their home with others. Our local historical society is fortunate to be the recipient of such generosity and this summer our annual fundraiser consisted of a tour of this beautiful historic house. I took several photos of the house and have posted them on my web site. Here’s the link – prepare to be awed.The Magrath Mansion

4 responses to “A Historic Home – the Magrath Mansion

  1. wow!~ the magrath mansion is so beautiful. i love all that awesome mill work/dark wood and the second story porch. so prety. thanks for sharing

  2. Love the Magrath Mansion. I believe this house is privately owned; do the owners ever have “open House” for someone to have a tour of it.?

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