Building the Walls

When a Contractor is an Impersonator

Building the Walls
Building the Walls

We have been happy with the work our contractor, Jerry, has done on the house thus far. He is easy going and smiles a lot but isn’t afraid to voice his opinions when needed. His assistant, Dave, is one of those quiet guys who doesn’t say much but is easily moved to laughter. He’s a big strong guy who takes infinite care in the work he does and is one of those rare tradesmen who cleans up after himself.

When I first met Dave I thought his personal style seemed somewhat.. shall I say… dated? But I didn’t think anything about it until he was introduced to another tradesperson while I was there. Then it all came together in a flash.

It turns out that this quiet guy who likes to hum along with every song on his boom box is not only a terrific tradesman but also an Elvis impersonator!

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