Our Reno – Week Two

The Porch is gone

The Porch is gone

And the saga continues… The porch is gone. A temporary wall has been erected with plywood and planks to seal off the kitchen from critters – the two legged as well as four (or more) legged variety.Another surprise. The foundation for the little pantry actually went at least five feet in the ground. The contractor was surprised as well because he did not intend to have to demolish concrete walls. This small area will create some challenges for the company we hired to bring heat from our furnace into this crawl space. The solution is to have the concrete cut so that a good sized passage way is available for them to do their work. This will be done at the same time as the coring for the cold air return and hot air vents. So we’re keeping this piece of the foundation but the new addition will be attached to the main body of the house.The kitchen is partly demolished. I suspect they will do more on this today because it’s supposed to rain. Bummer. The piles were to be dug this morning and the concrete poured this afternoon. Will they do this in the rain?Our dog is feeling better – she is getting used to the racket and now pretty much sleeps through it. Life is good.

One response to “Our Reno – Week Two

  1. Hi Joanne
    When we got our pilings poured last June, we had to wait for the rain to stop. It held us up for several weeks so I hope this isnt the case in your situation. Glad to hear your old dog is doing much better!!

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