All about Colour by Janice Lindsay

Decorating with Historic Colour

All about Colour by Janice Lindsay
All about Colour by Janice Lindsay

A couple of weeks ago I attended a conference here in the city called Buildex. It’s geared towards industries that deal with real estate property – such as builders, property managers, interior designers, architects, and suppliers of all sorts of products for residential and commercial buildings.Besides a decent trade show (although it is geared more towards large commercial properties) there is an education component. This of course is why I go. I went to five sessions. Four out of five were very good. In the fifth session I tuned out completely and planned my talk that I was giving to a local historic society.My absolute favorites were the two sessions that were given by a Canadian woman, Janice Lindsay. Her talk was sponsored by Pittsburg Paints (they have some great historic colours too). In one session she spoke about the trends for 2011-2012. In the other she spoke about the the colour white – how difficult it is to use a good white etc etc. An excellent talk.What I wanted to tell you about however was her book. The cover is on the left. All colour is historic colour. Every last one. I think it would be horrifying for some interior decorating fashionistas to find out that mauve was a colour that was very important during the Victorian period. Queen Victoria made it popular when she wore this brand new colour to a family wedding.This book reads like a novel. It is excellent – especially for those of you who love to know where things started. It combines history of colour with the author’s own observations and stories about clients in her practice. Try to get a copy of it if you can.

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