This Old Edmonton House Seminar Series

Workshops for Old House Owners

This Old Edmonton House Seminar Series
This Old Edmonton House Seminar Series

It’s that time of year again when people who own houses of any age start thinking of the projects they will get to once it starts to warm up. Those of us who own an old house don’t always have the resources or know who to call when we have questions.

Enter the capital city’s seminar series called “This Old Edmonton House

The City of Edmonton heritage planning department fully supports owners of old houses in restoring and preserving them. They offer financial incentives to owners who have their home historically designated. They provide seminars like these at a nominal cost so that old house owners can find the advice they are looking for.

There are workshops on foundations, windows and doors, mechanical and electrical systems, roofs and exteriors, and how to repair plastered walls. There is a new session this year called “Greening your House“. We all know that preserving an old house is the greenest thing you can do.

One of the sessions that is offered by the city archives is called “How to Research your Historic Home“. It is always well attended. I personally am speaking on “Millwork and Floors” and “Wall Treatments“. I will also be conducting a tour of two heritage home interiors at Fort Edmonton Park which is where most of the courses are held. One is typically Victorian in style and the other is definitely Arts and Crafts. After all, interiors are my specialty.

I realize that you can’t really read this poster at left so call city heritage planner,David Holdsworth, for more information at 780-496-5281 or go online by clicking on this link:

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