Spooky Story 2

A Ghost in their Midst

I’ve been reading stories from the book “Ghost Stories of Alberta” by Barbara Smith. Apparently she has made a good name for herself researching such phenomenom. This story grabbed me and I thought I would share it with you (It’s a summarized version).

In 1912 a young man by the name of Jack worked for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. After working there for 5 years he earned a pass to go anywhere he wanted to by train. He decided to travel from his home in Portage La Prairie to the “big” city of Edmonton. His mother asked him to visit her sister, Lou. His aunt was considered “strange” because she had a more than a passing belief in spiritualism and the occult. He had no intention of staying there but he promised his mother he would look in on this aunt whom he had never met.

Aunt Lou wouldn’t hear of him staying at a hotel. So he stayed.

He spent his time touring the city like any other young man but a couple of days before he left his aunt asked him to sit in on one of her seances because another guest was unable to attend. She was thrilled that “one of the country’s leading mediums” was to preside. He promised to attend although it made him uncomfortable.

The seance began. The medium quickly realized that one of the group was a non-believer. She spoke to Jack directly and asked him “Do you know a young girl called Mary?”. He said he did not. The medium went on to describe the young girl down to the minutest details of the dress she wore, the colour of her ribbons, and the way she wore her hair. She also told him that the young girl had a message for him – that he didn’t need to worry – she would protect him from any accidents at his work.

Jack left for home and tried to put the experience behind him. At supper that night he told his parents about his experience with Aunt Lou and was amazed and alarmed at their reaction. They could not talk nor finish their meal.

Later that evening, once their composure returned, his parents told him of his sister who died at the age of eight from diptheria before he was even born. The dress, the ribbons – all the details of the medium’s description were totally accurate because it was exactly the clothes they had buried her with. There was no way the medium could know of this.

Jack continued to work for the railway. After fifty years he retired. Despite many close calls in which his coworkers got hurt he never did. His sister did her job well.

I like this story, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Spooky Story 2

  1. This is a wonderful story. Yes, a bit spooky, but heartwarming at the same time, thanks for sharing it Johanne. Who knows, we all might have some form of a guardian from the ‘other side’… food for thought.
    Kim Blair

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