Trivia answer revealed!



Here’s the amazing statue of David – all 17 feet of him! It’s pretty awesome when you see him in person (so to speak). I saw him three years ago when we went to Florence. Ok back to the question:

At the time of the Romans a hairy chest on a man brought out what emotion in people?

1. Admiration: Long hair has always been associated with strength and virility

2. Disgust : Society regarded him to be lazy and unclean.

3. Fear: An elite, brutal militia protected the Emperor and one of the outstanding characteristics was that all the men had hairy chests.

Did you guess it? The answer is 2. Disgust. Just look at how smooth David is. Romans were very clean. They had a special bone or metal scraper called a strigil. First the body was oiled. Then the strigil was used to scrape the dust, dirt and oil. Not a hair to be seen anywhere.! 

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