Tips for Selling Your Heritage House



Heritage homes come in all sizes and shapes!
Heritage homes come in all sizes and shapes!

1) Declutter and put away valuables. You want the exquisite details of your heritage home to be noticed, not your possessions. (People may react negatively to the way you have decorated your space so try to make your home as neutral as possible so that a potential buyer can imagine themselves living in your home).

2) Have available for viewing, any ‘out of season’ garden/yard photos and documents related to the heritage of your home. (This is especially important if you are selling in the winter or early spring when your property may not look its best. As far as documents go, any historical information you have about your home and its previous occupants will definitely be of interest to the new owner. So will original photographs, blueprints or writeups about the history of your house and neighborhood.)

3) Hire a licensed Realtor who is knowledgeable about Heritage Homes and who will represent this as a positive feature to potential Buyers. (Although this may sound self serving from a realtor the fact is that if you have a choice, then by all means connect with a realtor that specializes in old houses. They will be able to talk knowledgeably about your house. They may also be aware of and be able to talk to a potential buyer about municipal grants and restoration incentives that may be available to a new owner.)


Leslee Greenaway, MSc
Realtor, Professional Realty Group 780 477-7036
Certified in Heritage Resource Management
Specializing in Character and Heritage homes

By the way, by the time you read this I will be in France for some serious sightseeing and R & R. I’ll have some great pictures of castles and other architectural wonders to share with you when I get back!

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Selling Your Heritage House

  1. Our house was built in 1935. It has been restored using many “recycled” parts/pieces. We have a great Habitat for Humanity/ReStore location here! The floors are original, and were refinished. All the wood moldings are original, as are the window & wall mouldings. Our sunroon windows came from the ReStore, as did our bathroom fixtures, sinks and commodes. The kitchen was updated with beautiful Honey Oak cabinets ( from the ReStore as well!) and a third full bath & walk-in closet were added on the first floor,(picture with the antique bed & dresser) in a room that was the Library. The original Knotty Pine built in book shelves from that room were moved to a small parlor room at the front of the house. “Old” is the new Green!

    1. I’m impressed with your efforts! You are absolutely right. So many people think that being energy efficient and caring about the environment is about scrapping the old and replacing it with new. You proved that wrong. Good on you.

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